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Our donuts are truly one-of-a-kind. They are some of the biggest, fluffiest, handheld masterpieces you’ll ever enjoy. Our yeast donuts are made in the early hours of the morning, risen, and fried to perfection. They are then decorated and topped with a variety of creative and seasonal toppings and dips. We have a rotating menu of twelve flavours each week to choose from, and two sizes – Regular and our new Mini’s.

Party Packs

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, or just a celebratory get-together, we have party packs to match your event. Our Donut Towers and Donut letters are total showstoppers. Collections of delicious baked treats in an assorted variety and then adorned with a theme of decorations of your choice. Our Party Packs are sure to please your group.
All You Knead Donut Tower


Our fresh baked cupcakes are made from the finest ingredients. Each cupcake is handcrafted with love, and topped with our creamier version of an American Buttercream. We offer a variety of cupcakes each week, which rotate occasionally to feature new delicious flavours.

Baked Goods

Something hot and fresh is always baking in our ovens. Whether it’s our gooey chocolate chip cookies, or heavenly cinnamon rolls, the perfect treat is just a click away. We’re always working on new baked creations, you might just find a few new favourites here. Discover all the treats you need in our baked goods section.
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