Frequently Asked Questions

All orders are available for pick up only, we are currently not offering delivery.

You can order through our website for pick up. You can order 2-3 weeks in advance, and ordering closes at midnight for orders that day.

For custom donuts and cupcakes please email us at info@allyouknead.ca with pictures of what you’d like, the date you need it for, and how many you approximately would like. We have minimums starting at 12 donuts/cupcakes per flavour/design.

If your ordering online, ordering closes at midnight for orders that day. Time slots book up and become unavailable, so place your order as soon as possible, especially for holidays. 

For custom treats email us as soon as possible to place your custom cupcake or donut order. We book up fast, we recommend ordering around 3 weeks in advance!

We are open Wednesday – Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, and Sunday 10am-4pm. We are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

We bake fresh every morning, and sell out as the day goes on. We recommend coming as early as possible in the day if you do not have a preorder.

While we are not offering delivery through our bakery, we are on Uber Eats for all your donut and cupcake needs!

After much consideration, we’ve decided to close our Custom Cake department. We’ve enjoyed making cakes for your special occasions, and we hope we can still be a part of it through our treats and sweet tables.

We recommend whenever possible to pick up day of, however if you buy them the day prior they will be good stored at room temperature in their boxed wrapped, or in a sealed tupperware.
We also recommend freezing them if that’s an option space-wise in your freezer, in a sealed container. And then to defrost, take them out 1.5-2hours before serving them, and let them sit at room temperature unwrapped.

Either option, they’ll still be fabulous.

We are not a certified nut free bakery. We do not use nuts in our kitchen, but we use products that can be cross contaminated before we get it. Such as Hershey’s chocolate. Because our grocery suppliers are not certified nut free, all products we produce run this risk.

At this time we do not make gluten free or vegan items but we hope to launch some in the future once we’ve developed the perfect recipes for it.

Once it’s launched we will announce it on our Instagram first so follow us if you can @allyouknead

We have well over 100 donut flavours, and they change every single week! If you are only looking to get 1 or so of that flavour, keep an eye on our website and instagram page for when it returns. 

Most donuts can be custom ordered outside of their availability weeks. Depending on the donut, we can usually make it for you, it’ll just have a minimum amount of that flavour that would need to be ordered. Most unfilled donuts are about 12 minimum, and most filled donuts are 24 minimum.

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